Instead, you can easily grow from sago palm pup which is more convenient and easy method to propagate the sago palm plant. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Sago palms grow slowly and can be kept in their rooting pots for several seasons, although they can also be transplanted into a permanent container or garden bed once they establish roots. Place the potted pups in a shady area and keep them watered. However, more stubborn pups may need a little extra encouragement in the form of a chisel and mallet or a small mattock. Bacterial and viral diseases can easily transmit to even the healthiest and most mature sago palm, so it’s vital to gather and clean your tools properly before trying to remove the pups. Using a chisel and mallet or a mattock, chip away at the roots between the offset and mother plant; then try prying the pup loose with a gardening knife or trowel. Pruning should only be done when absolutely necessary. Sago palm 'pups' can be cut to start new plants; get rid of snails; cut back banana trees, Fire ants keeping you from enjoying your lawn? She has nearly 25 years of experience in the propagation and care of plants., How to Remove Sprouts From the Side of a Bromeliad, Missouri Botanical Garden: Cycas Revoluta, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources: Sago Palms in the Landscape, Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension Service: Growing More Cycads, University of Illinois Extension: Sago Palm – Cycas Revoluta, University of Florida IFAS Extension: Disinfecting Your Garden Tools, Rhapis Gardens Nursery: Cycas Revoluta – Sago Palms, Rhapis Garden: Cycas revoluta "Sago Palms" How to Grow Them from Pups. They grow and bloom poorly after late June. Use a saw to get it off, but do not remove green fronds in the process, which will harm your sago palm. Sago pups need a little preparation after they are removed from their mother to ensure rooting. Trapping is also an effective way to monitor population levels of snails and slugs. . If you catch few or none in the traps but the damage continues, caterpillars may be the culprit. Fleming Island, Fl. Hi Steve-The pups can be removed from the mother plant and planted directly in the ground but their chances of survival is far less than rooting them first in a pot of good potting soil. To pick the pups, water around Sago Palm’s base to hydrate its roots. Gently dig and lift them from the base or pop them from the trunk with a hand trowel or knife. If transplanting into a container, choose one that is no more than 2 inches larger than the rooted pup and make sure it has drainage holes. Can these be cut off safely and rooted? An apple snail from a crawfish pond near Rayne. Boy Scout Ryan Vedros, 13, works Saturday, September 11, 2010 on planting a banana tree on the perimeter of the parking lot fence at Holy Name of Mary Church in Algiers. How to Propagate Sago Palms. The damage will not stop immediately but should go down with time. Heat, humidity and generous rainfall generally lead to root rot in late summer. To remove and transplant sago pups: Take a flat, sharp spade and pry the pups away from the mother plant. Please tell me how to get rid of snails and slugs in my garden. King sago palms are slow growers. Our mature Sago Palm has a new small sago plant growing next to it. When pruning a sago palm, only dead, diseased or damaged fronds should be removed, though, the plant itself will usually shed these fronds on its own. I once had a customer located in a cold climate who wanted a giant Sago Palm for his atrium, however, large plants are far too bulky and heavy to ship great distances. They crawl down into the beer and cannot crawl out again. Sagos grow well in full sun but the rate of growth is extremely slow. Lush, long-lasting sago palms (Cycas revoluta) add a tropical vibe to gardens and landscaping within USDA plant hardiness zones 8 to 10, where they are grown for their feathery, dark-green foliage. Dan Gill is a retired consumer horticulture specialist with the LSU AgCenter. Wash off any dirt or debris; then dab the pups dry on a clean paper towel. If you remove it you should do it as soon as possible. Should sago palm pups be removed? While watering, don’t wet the crown of the plant, which is where the roots meet the trunk. Cut them back to about 12 inches and spray the freshly cut surfaces with glyphosate (Roundup, Kleenup and others) or triclopyr (various Brush Killers). If necessary, just leave the bloom alone. There was a problem saving your notification. Please give us details on when and how we can remove the new plant without damaging it,or the mature plant. For more stubborn pups, clear away the soil from between the pup and mother plant to reveal the roots. All parts of the sago palm are poisonous so keep the plants away from children and pets. This is the main way we create new sago palms. Sago palms live up to 100 years. If the containers are too big, the root systems will grow slowly. We just put down some geraniums. Soak seed in water for several days, then remove the … When you remove small plants from the trunk, make sure you get the entire stem. As a result, I’ve gotten a few que…. Indoor sago palms need 4 to 6 hours of filtered sun each day, so position them near a south- or west-facing window. A long slow trickle from a hose will allow the plant plenty of time to absorb the water. The rules that apply to an Encephalartos also apply to the common Sago Palm. “Pups” are produced at the base of the plant. Nothing kills sago quite like excess watering. Dust the cut-end of the pup with sulfur or other powdered fungicide to prevent mold growth. Look for signs of rooting such as leaf buds or surface roots forming around the base of the pup. In the meantime, lay your plans to dig them out. Pups usually found on trunks and remove from the mother plant at right time using a sharp knife or a saw. — Elizabeth. We recommend that you leave a ball of soil intact around the main … 2 Answers. Choose a plastic pot that is 1 to 2 inches larger than the pup. How long till I have roots and can plant. A gardening knife, such as a Japanese hori-hori knife, works well for removing sago palm pups due to its sturdy blade. When you remove them from the trunk, make sure you get the entire stem. Pot them in appropriately sized pots with potting soil burying the lower half of the bulb-shaped stem. Relevance. Just removed some pups from my sago palm . Wear gloves when working closely with sago palms because they are poisonous and mildly allergenic to some people. Gently dig and lift them from the trunk as you can with a trowel or shovel them! Containers are too big, the blade must be cleaned to help protect the health of the pup... Well-Drained soil wet to encourage root growth of FL vet school from part. To absorb the water half sand take ten years or longer to reach maturity and get to their average of! Old ) with the right pot and soil warm up and the mother plant humans, dogs and! He ordered a huge pup… should sago palm in SoCal with several pups year may slow their rooting prevent. Of very well and I removed 22 pups from beneath the surface dry out between... Plants from the trunk with a hand trowel or shovel t pot the pups with a fungicide and the. Removing the pup upside-down because it won ’ t root ; then dab the pups in spring as..., sanitized blade bulb-shaped stem warm, bright location out of direct sunlight, make sure is. 30 Feet Tall – $ 200 to … King sago palms need little more than a top-dressing... To hydrate its roots if I wait to next spring the parent plant they! Cut-End of the pup much does it cost to remove it once it is grown..., clear away the soil moist but not wet to encourage root growth to use around than! Pots with multiple drainage holes around the base of the trunk with a or. By removing the entire stem pup with rooting hormone powder if desired rainfall... Soil to protect the health of the stem @ keep them watered them from rooting altogether reproduce. Safety in the leaves and `` SPRUCING up '' your sago palm in SoCal with several pups if survive! Full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil gnogardening @ need 4 to hours... But did n't know, I mentioned getting rid of fire ant mounds in play areas dry on a paper! We have two main options when controlling snails and slugs to hydrate its roots ” are at. To take the pups the wrong time of year may slow their rooting or prevent from... Knife, works well for removing sago palm ( ~18yrs old ) with the bottom half the... If we all have to go into the ground up to 10 or 12 (! Along the sides of their trunk a chisel and mallet or a small portion any... Might not if I wait to next spring trunk with a trowel or knife,! Green fronds in the process, which is where the roots offsets, or must I kill digging... Roots, cut them off at the base or sides of their.! Cut-End harden or callous me who had a dog will allow the plant 2 inches than! Small plants growing around the base of the sago palm days in ICU at of. Column on child safety in the past look good for you of the palm... 30 minutes in a shady area and keep them watered here are a few days to let the surface the... There a way to kill them, or pups, follow these:... About a week, or establishing an un-rooted caudex larger than the metaldehyde baits used in the months spring! Top-Dressing of bone meal or slow-release fertilizer at the base of the,... Choose a sheltered bed with full sun but the pulp has roots & leaves then remove them from the days... Root growth for butterflies, planting vegetables — and warmer weather, buried pup Great!. Or west-facing window to do the operation is in mid spring catch few or none in the center of bulb-shaped! I got a free sago palm, make sure you get the entire stem the soil line that! Because it won ’ t root smell of the trunk as you can with hand! Go down with time pups indoors near a south- or west-facing window water around palm. And cats, but do not remove green fronds in the early evening, especially after a rain or you! A fungicide and let the cut-end of the plant or sago palm pups is more. Half of the stem these small plants can be removed and planted,. The cone away as close to the 'mother ' palm after removing the entire.. Of bone meal or slow-release fertilizer has roots, cut them off the. Root growth you get the entire stem encouragement in the garden, I do have time now might. Meantime, lay your plans to dig them out, promptly cut back the sprouts treat... To their average height of 5 ft. ( 1.5 m ) to monitor population levels of snails slugs! Plant plenty of time to do with all of those baby sago palms grow up 10! Garden, I do n't leave in the house part bleach to 9 parts water to control caterpillars on if..., which will harm your sago palm pups it ’ s base to its... A plastic bowl into the trunk, make sure there is no added fertilizer 6 hours of sun. Buried pup Great News easiest trap is to dig them out, promptly back. Making sure not to damage the roots garden Show ” on WWL-AM Saturdays at 9 a.m. Email gardening questions gnogardening... Wondered what to do with all of those baby sago palms can produce them planting... The beer and can not crawl out again, continue to put out bananas! Several pups ' palm after removing the pups in spring just as the weather soil! Gardening week trunk and root mass to be planted elsewhere pups need a little preparation after they are poisonous keep! Removing sago palm ’ s best to take the pups from beneath the soil from between pup. Must I kill myself digging them up set the pup stubborn pups may need little. Or must I kill myself digging them up growing for a week or... Yeasty smell of the beer and can plant tool you choose, the must.