That will cause the air conditioner breaker trip if the problem is not repaired. This could happen when it starts up or while it’s running. But I also love empowering RVers with the knowledge they need to make the right decision on repairs, or to make the fix themselves--and that, my friend, is the reason for this website. However, if the motor runs too long, the wiring insulation can begin to deteriorate, causing an electrical short. comes back on and it blows cold again. An electrical circuit breaker is a switching device that can be operated automatically or manually for controlling and protecting the electrical power system, and the electrical devices connected to it. The compressor in the air conditioner has gone bad. of operation. How? AC's rated load may be only 15A, but a breaker's not … Enjoy this page? How? Then AC breaker 20amp started popping. This could be caused by several reasons. unit on a 20 amp breaker using 4000 watt generator starts then trips generator breaker in a few minutes. A capacitor is responsible for starting the compressor, and if the compressor has trouble starting, it could pull too many amps and trip the breaker. Question: My front ac unit blows the circuit breaker after running for about ten minutes. Clean both the condenser coils and the evaporator coils, as well as any air filters. Turned on AC and main 30 map breaker kept popping about every 5 minutes. Any direction will be greatly appreciated. One thing to remember, however: if you want to use your rig during the winter you'll need a good heating system. I've replaced the cover and filters but could I have damaged it already even though it's blowing cold for periods of time? Thanks for any help. Unsubscribe at any time. That may be pushing the circuit past the number of amps it was meant to handle. However, wife called during the day said the breaker was tripped after the a/c was running 5 min. Some R.V.’s have one GFCI receptacle that also protects up to 5 receptacles fed downstream of the actual GFCI outlet connected to the ‘load’ terminals. One last thing I've learned is that the problem could be in the air intake. In my new truck camper, the GFCI in … I've been informed by a local A/C repair guy (over the phone) that it could be either the breaker itself being old and unable to carry the load, or the compressor circuitry getting too hot from the power load, or the compressor itself is/has going/gone bad. Today, the temperature is going to reach 101 according to the local news. Check your RV manual to determine which outlets are protected by the GFCI. If the air conditioner is the source of the tripping, it may be overheating. Next morning when exterior temp got near the 100 mark it started kicking off again. This took care of the problem and since the original lasted 12 years (~1000 hrs), should be good to go for a long time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Showed back up to camper after 2 weeks. Be careful not to bend the fins. Here, it is important for you to check whether it leaks when the AC is on or when it rains, and maybe even if it leaks in both situations. One of the most common reasons for this problem is the compressor in the air conditioner is drawing too many amps. After a few times of that, and wanting to finish the other project I was working on, I set it on low cool and it lasted for about twice as long. The electric motors in your air conditioner can last a long time. 2015 rv with 13,500 rooftop unit with heat strip manual control switches. How to Adjust the Temperature on a Dometic RV Refrigerator. The capacitor starts the compressor, and if it has trouble starting, that could mean the capacitor is pulling too many amps and tripping the circuit breaker. If, for example, you run the microwave or convection oven at the same time the air conditioner is on, it’s likely to flip the breaker. The odd thing is that even after I turn the AC off, it's still drawing 12 … Now let’s look at the specific causes of an AC tripping the breaker. Simply click here to return to RV Air Conditioner Repair Questions. 3) Problems with the circuit breaker. We pride ourselves on being able to offer free, quality information to RVers about repair and service. In Kansas we rely heavily on our air conditioners in the due to the state’s hot, humid spring and summer seasons. A/C trips breaker by: Craig T. My A/C unit turns on fine, then, after 10-15 min. I was going crazy tryin to figure why my breaker kept tripping off..Ofcourse I checked the easiest thing last...ugh the compressor shuts off with the fan blowing warm, humid air that you can smell. Well, an air conditioner usually trips the breaker because it's pulling in more amps than the breaker is rated for. You can use a soft brush or blow out any dirt with an air compressor. *, *Chat provided by, a third party not affiliated with MSRVR. If advice on this site has saved you money or time, we would certainly appreciate it if you would consider making a small donation. Simply click here to return to. If your compressor has gone bad, it will need to be replaced. This is a relatively inexpensive fix. Perfect timimg! External temp 100+. After 3-5 minutes the comp. If that is the problem, it will need to be replaced. If you continue to run your AC, you could permanently damage the air conditioner. I'm going to replace the compressor run capacitor - it's the only capacitor left. Typically, your AC breaker trips when there’s a short circuit, the AC is overworking or a part is bad or malfunctioning. After resetting times it finally started working and went thru the night. When I came home at 7pm, reset the breaker, and turn on the a/c, 5 mins later, the breaker tripped. It's easy to do. After 3-5 minutes the comp. I've been a technician in the RV industry for 30 years, operating out of San Diego, California. Reasons your AC trips the circuit breaker. Or, learn more about me, my RV service practice, & this website here. Short circuits in your furnace happen when a bare hot wire comes in contact with a neutral wire. Should You Run Your RV Generator at Night? For example, if the circuit breaker is rated for 15 amps and 20 amps is flowing through the circuit, the breaker trips. I then chekced the low voltage wires running along side the unit, did not appear to be any problems so I reset the breaker agian, same thing, runs for 4 to 5 hours and then trips breaker. What is a Grounding Portable Generator for RV? I hope you enjoy. She tried to reset the break but never get it reset. Sometimes capacitors wear out, so they’ll need to be replaced. But also... What are the size of the AC unit and the rating of the breaker? Welcome to! Here’s a Guide! What If Your Air Conditioner Trips Your Circuit Breaker? Started the unit up again and this time it ran for about 6 hours and then tripped the breaker again. comes back on and it blows cold again. My A/C unit turns on fine, then, after 10-15 min. It,breaker, was hot to the touch, AC did not run all the time as it would come on Here are some tips to assure your furnace is ready for those cold winter nights. It's easy to do. cycling on & … What area should I look to first? A month ago, when I first became aware of the problem, the GFCI breaker would trip after 60 to 90 minutes. That is, if you have a 20-amp breaker and the AC pulls 30 amps, the breaker trips. The problem may not be with the air cooling system itself but rather with the breaker. You have entered an incorrect email address! Stay up to date with camper accessories and great reviews. When it's running it blows cold air just fine. 1 Poor maintenance can cause air conditioner breaker trips. Homes are outfitted with a circuit box that is full of breakers. If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, the air conditioner is forced to work harder, thus using more power. Then about 10 days ago it started tripping the breaker after about 10-15 min. rv furnace trips breaker, RV Furnace Maintenance - Hot Furnace Tips for Cold Weather. 2015 rv with 13,500 rooftop unit with heat strip manual control switches. Buying A Dinette Table for Toy Hauler RVs? Travel Trailer King-size Bed: Choosing The Right Bed, The Automated Safety Hitch for Towing a 5th Wheel, The Difference Between 193 and 194 Bulb For Your RV. That can cause the breaker to trip. That started maybe 3-4 weeks ago. All proceeds go towards supporting our continued effort to provide you with quality, money-saving RV repair info. If you’re lucky, everything will work normally after this and the AC circuit breaker won’t trip again. cycling on & off. We won't send you spam. EDIT. Solution: Have a tech tighten connections to the AC’s breaker or replace the breaker. That's why breakers trip: to protect you from overcurrents that can damage equipment and cause fires (yikes). of running. If this is the case, you need to replace the compressor. You’re running too many high-powered AC (alternating current) appliances. Disconnect the hot and ground heating element 120vac wires from the circuit board spade connectors and check with an ohm meter on a high range from one element wire at a time to refer ground point on the back of the unit. Ran for 5 minutes pulling 12 amps then I saw a slight decrease in amps down to about 6 amps for about 2 seconds then the amp meter went to full scale (>60 amps) and the breaker tripped. Poor Maintenance | Breaker Trips After 5 Minutes. From time to time, problems arise in air conditioning units that cause them to overload a house’s circuit breaker. If, for example, you run the microwave or convection oven at the same time the air conditioner is on, it’s likely to flip the breaker.